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Avatorous: The Man, the Warrior, and the Scholar

The Warror
The Man
The Warrior
The Scholar


Name: Avatorous

Age: early 30's

Profession: Anaconda team medic, Team A lead, Anaconda grafiti artist, Archiver of PK files, Operator of Trong Tran's Tavern, Operator of  "Boom" The Fortress Radio, Fortress Councilor, Ambassador to FANNY.

Combat security information (UD link): 

Commendations: The Fortress's Finest September 20th 2007

Fortress history:

June 23rd 2007 Joined The Fortress

July 12th 2007 Graduated Bootcamp

July 12th 2007 Assigned as Freedom Fighter

August 10th 2007 Promoted to Deployment Soldier

September 9th 2007 Promoted to Conflict Trooper

September 13th 2007 Voted to take over Trong Tran's tavern

September 19th 2007 Entered into the Fortress Finest

September 30th 2007 Voted to take a place on The Fortress council.

October 2nd 2007 Promoted to Battalion Ranger.