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Avatorous: The Man, the Warrior, and the Scholar

The Man
The Man
The Warrior
The Scholar

Avatorous, a seemingly simple individual with little more than a passion to smile and make everyone happy. He traveled to Malton some years ago. Caught in the city after the outbreak struck it was rumored that he was aware of the outbreak before arriving. Unfortunately he was victim to Necrotech building break in. After many months of wandering the streets as a mindless corps he was revived and sent on his way to a safe house. To whom he owes the thanks has been long since forgotten.

The time that followed was mixture of medical and Necrotech research, mall defending and sampling at Lumber Mall, and very selective Pk Bounty hunting. Extremely efficient at his “hunting taking down 50+ to date” he began to become hunted by his own prey. A lady named JavaElemental asked him if he would like to join “The Fortress”. Not having anything better to do with his time and fresh from the mind-snapping event more commonly known as "The Great Mall Warning," he decided, with his new best friend Ziggy, it was time to go join a larger organization than that of just the duo. That is…after being led to the recruitment center with a long trail of MnM's.

His time at The Fortress has been colorful and interesting. Meeting many new friends and cohorts. He doesn’t see much of his recruiter but will smile and wave when he does being very thankful she asked him to join.

Always willing to help out. He has a keen sense of right and wrong. Willing to point out bullshit at a moments notice. Filling his time trying to help those achieve the rank that he has in an attempt to be a mentor or even, if nothing else, something so simply put as a friend.

For now he takes his tasks in stride and looks for tomorrow while continuing his research.